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call at&t and see what we can do for your business. i'm jamie costello. tonight on abc 2 news you see many inspiring stories on extreme makeover weight loss condition but meet a maryland woman who had gastric surgery and why she wants to go under the knife again. and a big shake-up in the ravens lineup. who got cut and why. >> wyatt everhart, how does it look for the rest of the week? those details tonight after extreme makeover.
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now the last time that you stepped on the scale, you were 340 pounds, and i gave you the goal to lose 60 pounds in 3 months, so if this monitor reads 280 pounds or less, you hit your goal. go ahead and step on the scale.
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(beeping) (beeping stops) well, you didn't hit your goal. 295 pounds... so 45 pounds lost in the last 3 months. it was a struggle. yeah. and i'm glad i struggled because i wouldn't know what to do next time. yeah. krista missed her goal by 15 pounds, but overall, i mean, she's lost 70 pounds since i surprised her just a couple months ago, and for me, that's a really positive step, moving into phase 3. it's time to push into phase 3. i want to make this an enjoyable experience. i'm gonna be sending you to the disneyland resort in california for the half marathon. oh, my god. so this is just one of five different rundisney events that they have going on at the disney theme parks. are you ready for 13.1 miles? i'm excited for it. i think that's pretty cool. so pack your bags. we're going to californini okay.
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you got the jitters right now a little bit? yeah, i'm nervous. use it to push you through this race. no matter what, we always finish what we start. yeah. i-- that's--that's what we do. that's all i want to do, is finish. yes. that's what we're gonna do. (man, amplified voice) runners... set... go! (cheers and applause) when i first started runningngs and my stomach was really upset, so i was just trying to, like, you know, get going. (all cheering) good. good. mile 3. (gabi) you can do it! (all) you can do it. you can do it. gabi's screaming, "you can do it! you can do i i mom!" kris said she needed that. (cheers and applause) good. good. i was doing okay. then it got really hard, and my energy started to wane, and my feet started to hurt.
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like, everything started to hurt. i do not. yes, you do. krista has fallen victim to her excuses, but i'm not gonna let her not finish in front of gabi and her husband and her family and her friends. i'm not gonna allow that to happen. you can do this. three, two, one. just jog for me. jog for me. come on. i can't. my leg's starting to cramp again. krista, just... i'm getting a cramp! then fast-walk. then fast-walk. i honestly didn't think we were gonna make it. she had to find some kind of strength from somewhere. do you remember when you were passing gabi earlier and you could hear her saying, "you can do it, you can do it"? yeah. remember that voice in your head right now as you're finishing this final mile. all of a sudden, she starts moving faster, because that struck a chord with her. hold this pace. (voice breaking) gabi can't walk that well, so how can i not finish the race, even if it hurts? 'cause she hurts every day.
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(applause) (cheering) (man, amplified voice, speaks indistinctly) yes! yes! yes! (groans) whoo! that's my baby! mm. it was so neat to have my family there and see gabi, but nobody wanted to do this more than me. congratulations. (man, amplified voice, speaks indistinctly) this is truly is a turning point in krista's emotional momentum, and right now she's got 75 pounds to lose in 3 months, and i pray that she maintains this positive mind-set, but at the same time, i am so terrified when real life happens for krista, because she can slip so quickly. (voicecereaking) i had something really unfortunate happen today. this morningng woke up at 4 40 in the morning... (sniffles) and, uh... found gabi having a seizure.
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and she's okay now. we took her to the emergency room. and it's just, like, my worst nightmare. i don't know what that's gonna hold for my future. hey, dr. schaack, i got your call. what's--what's going on? hi. come on in. have a seat. i want to talk to you about krista. she's doing fine, but her daughter's been admitted to the hospital. she's having seizures again. she wasn't supposed to have seizures anymore. the hope was that this would be the last of the seizures. however, the surgeries are meant to reduce and sometimes eliminate. she always knew there was a chance of recurrence, and i think that she was hoping that she would be one of the lucky few that never had this problem again. you know, hearing that gabi's having seizures again, it c c go one of two ways with krista. either she can use it as motivation, supporting her daughter as she's going through these tough times, or she could fall right back into what she'd been doing for the last several years, and she could gain all of the weight back.
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it's, like, 2:30 in the morning. i've had a really hard time sleeping, um, since gabi had her seizure. i have her set up back here on her monitor. you know, i know the stress has affected, like, my weight loss. (voice breaks) it's so scary. but sometimes i wonder... what's left behind? [ female announcer ] introducing purifying facial cleanser from neutrogena® naturals. developed with dermatologists... it's clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt and toxins and purify pores. and with natural willowbark it contains no dyes, parabens or harsh sulfates. dirt and toxins do a vanishing act and my skin feels pure and healthy. [ female announcer ] new purifying facial cleanser from the new line of neutrogena naturals.
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where you are free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. why not cruise from baltimore? visit today. ♪ welcome back. thank you. i heard about gabi.
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um, are you okay? is--is everything all right? (voice breaking) it's like my worst nightmare... (sniffles) and i'm really trying to not let it derail me... because that's why i'm doing this. all you can do is... is everything you can do. (krista) coming into the 9-month weigh-in, i'm a little nervous because my focus has been off,fw that i didn't do as well as i should have, so i know it's gonna show on the scale, 'cause it doesn't lie. here we are at the nine-month mark, and... the last time you stepped on the scale, you were 295 pounds, and i gave you the goal to lose 75 pounds or more, so if the scale says 220 pounds or less, there yoyogo. let's find out what that number is. (beeping) (beeping stops)
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so 325 pounds. mm-hmm. that means that you've gained 30 pounds. going back into the 300s is really frustrating. that's really hard... you know, because i didn't ever want to see 300 again. so that means that you've lost 120 pounds since we've started. long story short,, we . we're at the 9-month mark, and krista-- she still has three more months. it's not too late. this whole year is not about hugs and high fives. it's--it's not all victories. this year is about falling down and getting back up. you've gained 30 pounds in the last 3 months--30 pounds. (clears throat) and that's gonna be the theme for today. we're doing 30 of everything... (sighs) and it's not gonna be easy. okay. (groans) here we go. it's time to take the lid off of krista. show me what you're gonna do in phase 4. you got three months. show me who you u e.
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(whirring) oh, nice. look at that, krista. look. look what you're capable of doing. that's what i want to see. i've never seen you run like this before. i've been doing a 4.0 at home, thinking that that's as fast as i could go, and, you know, i put that up to a 6.0, and i just pushed myself to see where i could go, and it was a little shocking. that's what i want to see. find it. that's the krista that's gonna be here for the next three months and beyond. that's it. huh. 7.0. what do you know? this is phase 4, krista, right here. good. that's what i want to see. she needs to experience a victory and experience a whole new world of possibilities, and that's what this workout is about. big difference from nine months ago. big difference, huh? (grunts)
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what do you want to do to me right now? (bleep) kill you. get used to it. good. take those 30 pounds back with 30 more reps. good. do down-and-ups. you can do anything you want to do. those up-downs... those horrible up-downs that i had to do the first time. (bleep) give me 10 more. no. yes. i'm done. yes. 10, 20, 30... (pants) incredible. that's transformation. that's what i'm talking about. i just want you to know, i mean it. (panting) i bet you do. i believe you. this final phase for krista-- it's not just about hitting her goal, but it's about fitting into that wedding dress. you just got to find that place... every single day for the next three months. yeah, and just do more than i did before. that's it. that's why i did that. that's it. that's it. in three months, i'm gonna weigh you in, and you're gonna walk down the aisle, and you're gonna have the wedding of your dreams.
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(voice breaks) thank you. coming out of this workout today, i feel like it's just a good step forward. now i know, like, how much further i can push myself. the theme of this next phase is gonna be me sprinting to the finish line. no more walking. i want to be running. ♪ (indistinct conversations) (cheering) well, thank you all for coming out, and of course, we're here for krista today, and she's actually on her way here right now. it was actually just over a year ago
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that i received a letter from her, asking for help. she told me about everything that she and ricky have been through over the last few years, and as a father myself, i could only imagine what they had been through. so 365 days ago today, her journey began, and she is a very, very different woman today. now of course,e, know it seems a little bit weird that we're doing a weigh-in here today, but--but today it's a day of celebration. this is the wedding that she never had. well, guys, without any further ado... put your hands together, rise to your feet for the all-new krista. (cheering) (woman) oh, my goodness! i'm jamie costello, they come to your door and tell you your
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(cheering) what a difference. do you feel like you turned a corner in the last three months? i turned a big corner. and now i know how far i can come, and i'm closer to where i-- i've always wanted to be, and so now it's, like, within reach. are you ready? yeah. all right. yeah. you know the drill. i promise you that the pain you feel now is far greater than any workout. you're gonna walk down the aisle, and you're gonna have the wedding of your dreams. (voice breaks) thank you. when we started this whole ocess, you weighed 445 pounds. (beeping)
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(beeping stops) there it is. whoo! (cheering) there it is. (laughs) 60 pounds. 60 pounds in just the last 3 months. 180 pounds lost... you know, if you were to ask me in phase 1 if i would have been satisfied with that number, i would have said no. but considering what happened in phase 2 and 3 and what she went through, i'm satisfied. 180 pounds in one year. (sighs) yes. that's extraordinary. that's a lot. yeah, it is. that's me. yes. so where do you want to be? i want to be 180. wow. or less. (laughter) and can you do it? yes. when i was, you know, 445 pounds,
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i... really was so far from that number. now i'm so much closer, i can get there. you just lost 60 pounds in the last 3 months. mm-hmm. can you do it again? yeah. can you lose 60 pounds in the next 3 months? oh, yeah. oh, definitely. yeah. (cheering) you know, when our journey of transformation began, um, we went dress shopping. and the biggest dress that they actually made at the time was a size 18, and at the time, you were a size 32. and now's the moment of truth. slip into that dress. all right. and it's time for us to celebrate the wedding of your dreams. (cheers and applause) our last wedding, i was heavier and i wore a black dress, and now, to finally be able to fit into a wedding dress and feel good about it-- i mean that's just a feeling you can't really explain. (wagner's "bridal chorus from 'lohengrin'" playing)
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the moment i saw her come down the aisle in her dream wedding dress was... i couldn't breathe for-- for a few seconds. she just looked so amazing, and, i mean, i felt so proud that, you know, she's my wife. i, rick... i, rick... take you, krista... take you, krista... once again to be my wife... once again to be my wife... (krista) 180 pounds that i lost-- it really means i lost that part of me that was sad. my one true love, i once again give you my heart to keep. krista, would you like to kiss your husband? yes. all right. (laughs) i love you. this year has been amazing, and it's been frustrating at times, but it's probably the best year, because now i can really celebrate our marriage a healthier note. whoo-hoo! (cheering) losing the 180 in a year-- i can't be upset about that because it is a lot of weight in a year. but it's not over. i'm not going to stop just 'cause of that.
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i'm gonna pass that 200 point. i want to show, you know, that i c c be even better. i want to prove it to myself. ♪ hotel and accommodations provided by four seasons hotel, westlake village, california. it's 11:00. do you know where your children are? >> he said 100 and some for this and 100 and some for that. the $900 from the bank. >> watch out for the fake, going door to door in dundalk. abc 2 works for you tonight not letting you get ripped off.
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>> the ravens get busy getting ready for football but the owings mills brass makes some painful cuts. >> i want it, i think i need it, not everybody feels the way i do. >> you'll meet a woman who will wake up in the morning weighing less but wanting more. find out why she is not satisfied. abc 2 news at 11:00 starts right now. now, abc 2 news at 11:00. well the nfl lockout is over but, tonight, we are being knocked out over some of the very popular ray ventures reportedly being cut loose. >> all right. it is crazy out there at owings mills. todd heath, derek mason, willis magahee and kelly gregg have all been told they are getting released. the club cannot make any of these cuts official until thursday afternoon, each player with a a crowd favorite with fans yelling heap on every catch. he is the leader on touchdown receptions. d macleads as the ravens leadered in most catches and
11:26 pm
both yards and we're told both might come back for less money. we'll see. the ravens head office will spend all night making calls and watch the payroll. >> this is tonight's hot topic, we want to know what you you think about the changes for the ravens. leave our thoughts right now on the facebook page, abc well abc 2 is working for you tonight to make sure that you are aware of a fake bge worker knocking on doors in dundalk. he may say it involves your bill but what you should be concerned about is your safety. sherrill connor was on your street with more information about this scam. cheryl. >> reporter: pay $900 or your power will be shut off. that was a threat from a fake bge employee. now a quick-thinking el terell woman wants you to know with what happened to her. staying cool hasn't been easy but it got more intense for an
11:27 pm
elderly woman in dundalk who wants her story told but her identity anonymous. the woman took a call from a so- called bge worker this weekend. >> he said you owe 100 and some for this and 100 some for that, $900, go to the bank. >> reporter: her bill is paid through an automatic withdrawal but the woman on the phone insisted she has been delinquent. there were at least three phone calls in two hours and a knock at the door by a man who wasn't in uniform and showed no id. >> and when i opened it he was there and he said i wanted to hand him cash. she wanted that $900. >> the woman shut her door and went to a neighbor's house to call police. according to neighbors there are other similar incidents recorded. they are warned not to fall for deception burglars. >> they should always be in uniform, you should always ask for identification and always verify with the company that they have been sent to your house before letting anyone
11:28 pm
enter your home. >> reporter: kerry dickerson lived on the same street. he learned about the scam for months and he plans on telling his neighbors since many are elderly. >> it is a person that has no self esteem, rather pick on somebody older than somebody younger. >> reporter: shooken up that this woman was smart enough to know better. >> i was scared to death. i was afraid. somebody like that could even break your windows and get in your house. >> reporter: abg and e spokesman says an employee would never ask for cash on the scene even if you're close to having your heat shut off. these are uncommon as heat and air running becomes more critical. >> bg and e are also answering questions about their peek rewards program after thousands were left without ac after last week's extreme heat. the program allows the company to turn off participants cooling and heating units when demand is the highest.
11:29 pm
friday's high temperatures were considered an emergency event and the peak rewards customers who opted in for 100% cycling were without ac for about 6 hours or more. the company spokesperson says they are asking people to review their peak rewards participation. >> we're gonna look at how we communicate with our customers, particularly customers who may have signed up for the program three or four years ago, who may not have been expecting this and may not have realized that they were on a 75 or 100% cycling level, and also just to get customers to re-evaluate, is this cycling level or is this program, in fact, still good for me and my family. >> so far, about 2500 people have canceled their participation in peak rewards as a result of friday's emergency outage. well i don't think we're gonna see that kind of peak heat for a few days now. a cool front coming in tonight will drop the humidity, if not the actual air temp. that much. there is still some rain out
11:30 pm
there. this is the actual boundary right now, showers in kent county, gerina back down through millington and better ton, and on its way towards chester town and church hill. this actually reaches across the bay. there's some rain falling between abington. we've got nailed with big rain. places like woodbine getting 3" or so, unofficially, howard county one of the big winners in the rain sweepstakes tomorrow. 91 tomorrow, it will be a much drier heat. we talk about when the steam bath returns, coming up. >> developing right now for months you have been hearing about the baltimore grand prix set for labor day weekend. now you're gonna start to see much more evidence that the race is indeed right around the corner, abc 2 news christian schaefer is right around the corner there in downtown baltimore. a lot of work going on right now? >> it's looking a lot different jamey, starting right now your view is you drive into downtown baltimore, our your walk into the harbor is going to be much different.
11:31 pm
you are going to see this work going on, it looks like scaffolding, it's going to be one of the 16 grand stands that will be built around the grand prix course. it is the biggest one, in front of the baltimore business center, it is a visible sign that organizers of the first grand prix have entered the home stretch. workers put down the 9300-pound concrete wall section in the inner harbor monday night. more than 2000 of them will surround the course, protecting spectators from speeds approaching 200 miles per hour. >> work very closely with the insurance companies and the risk managers from the city and the risk management from the bodies and follow the international guidelines for race track design and construction very, very closely. >> city officials say work on the walls will be done between 7 at night and 6:00 in the morning but if you drive through the city you will notice the impact. >> some of the places there
11:32 pm
will be on curbs, some of the places will be in the gutter of the street so in the latter street there will be places where the lanes will be narrow. we'll be putting up signs to warn them from staying out of the lanes. >> and. >> any first year event will have to get used to the event and bringing the streets up to spec for you. >> reporter: patience that they say will pay off on what is usually a slow labor day weekend for business in baltimore. >> but the hotels are typically 35% fuel and we're gonna fill the hotels and frankly it's going to be a huge economic impact to the city. >> reporter: the bulk of the work on the roads that make up course is finished. new asphalt around camden yards, now the challenge shifts from transforming a busy downtown into a true grand prix venue with just over a month to go. >> we feel comfortable that we've got a plan for pretty much anything you could throw at us. >> reporter: yeah the director of operations there for the grand prix was pretty excited about the in-car camera shot you'll see as those cars speed west on conway street and approach camden yards, it's going to look great on tv. you can expect some issues over the next several weeks with the
11:33 pm
narrowing of some lanes and a few days before the events there is going to be a lot of roads shut down in the downtown area. even i-395 is going to be closed at times. we've got all the information about those closures, alternate routes, and when some of these different things are going to be happening over the next month or so leading up to the grand prix. on our web site, live in downtown baltimore, christian schaefer, abc 2 news. >> right now the baltimore city police department has a new acting commander of internal investigations it. fred goal good announced martina davenport. they are in the process of starting a search for a new director for the internal investigations division. kei i don't know birch is back home safe and sound with his family. they found the 7-month-old with the baby-sitter janay boozer in washington, d.c. he was with his son and boozer when he says he stepped out to buy some cigarettes. when he came back boozer and
11:34 pm
the baby were gone. he says he can only guess why. >> don't have no idea. i didn't think she was with babies but i never knew something like that. >> i wanted to it down and cry but all i kept thinking was "i got to find my son." >> our sister station caught this picture of boozer talking to police. she was a runaway from a group home. there is a question whether she will face charges. donti williams is accused of pushing his girlfriend out of a moving car on 95. last tuesday, williams was in an suv traveling south on 95 with his girlfriend and his 14- month-old son. during an argument, williams struck her in the eye. according to police. that's when she unhooked her seatbelt, opened the door, and asked williams to pull over. police say williams pushed her out of the car while he was traveling about 60 miles per hour. the woman suffered serious injuries. williams

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